Sports Specific & Team Training

Sports-Specific-TEAM-TRAININGEvolve’s Sports Specific Training Program is offered to local sports teams and coaches.
This program is offered to groups between 10 and 100 athletes. Our coaching staff will design a sports specific program for your entire team that will greatly improve athletic performance based on the unique aspects of your sport.

Evolve has been working with area schools for over 15 years. We will provide high level instruction to help teams achieve a competitive edge. We will  help athletes gain an optimal level of explosive power, agility, conditioning, and speed, all while reducing the occurrence of overuse injuries that often plague athletes that are not properly conditioned prior to beginning the competition season.

We first focus on a high level of GPP (General Physical Preparedness) so athletes can be properly prepared for the rigors of the training. Once athletes have become physically fit, they are introduced to Pre or Post Season Athletic Performance Periodization. This will include the development of Explosive Power, Specific Conditioning drills, and increased Speed and Agility.

Evolve has many years of experience preparing small to large groups of athletes during the off season. Programs available include: Pre-Season Preparation, Post-Season Sports Performance, and In-Season Maintenance programs.

Programs may be anywhere between 2 and 16 weeks in duration, and training sessions will meet between 2 and 5 days per week.

Contact us for more details or to sign you team up today!