Muay Thai Kickboxing

muaiThaiEvolve is home to one of the top Striking Schools in the Midwest.  Led by Muay Thai Black Sash, Steve Traczyk, our program is designed to get you to wherever you want to go!  Whether you are interested in Recreational Training for Self Defense and Fitness, our Youth Program, Kickboxing, Boxing Competition, or Mixed Martial Arts Fighting, Evolve has the coaching and the facilities to get you there!

Coach Traczyk is assisted by coaches Izzy William, Ryan Arce, and Jeff Hughes.  All of our coaches are highly skilled and professionally trained instructors that have spent years working on their craft in order to be able to teach all levels of students the Art of Striking.

Students start out in the Fundamental Program learning the basics of Muay Thai and Boxing.  Once they learn the fundamentals, they will then be permitted into the Advanced Training Class where students participate in high energy technique drilling and live sparring.

Evolve is home to many Kickboxing, Boxing and MMA champions, but we pride ourselves on our recreational classes for those interested in learning the arts without extensive contact.  Our facilities include over 10,000 square feet of training space and a competition cage.  Our main training area is over 5,000 square feet. Multiple coaches are on hand to make sure our students are progressing and our elite fighters are properly prepared for competition.

Unlike many kickboxing and boxing facilities, Evolve is focused on our members and welcomes new students into the program by helping them feel comfortable in this environment, which can be quite intimidating for some who have never trained in the combat arts.  Our instructors ensure a safe environment where you will learn the techniques efficiently and professionally. Live sparring is up to each individual participant.  We always strive to offer a safe environment with focused supervision and proper safety equipment.

Our youth program is also excellent with high level coaches who are experienced working with children.  We offer kickboxing and boxing as a youth class for children 6 years old to 12.  Children over 12 are admitted into the Fundamental Program.

If you are interested but have no idea where to start contact us and we can get you started in one of our new Evolve 101 Classes.