Transformation Program


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Evolve’s incredibly successful Transformation Program consists of 8 weeks of fitness classes and a highly effective nutritional plan that allows individuals who have either never exercised, or have been away from exercise for an extended period of time to see successful results.

Participants will take part in an orientation program where fitness and nutritional experts will explain what is necessary to lose unwanted fat and develop a high level of fitness. The training portion of the program starts off with low intensity exercises and gradually becomes more intense each week. This allows your body to get used to consistent physical activity without injury or getting “burned out.” We also focus on developing “Clean” eating habits such that individuals can learn how to properly develop and maintain healthy diet habits that will last well beyond the program. This program does not include a low calorie or low fat diet nor does it take advantage of popular diet fads. By eating smaller meals more often throughout the day, your metabolism works more efficiently to burn calories, and in the process you will see a high percentage of fat reduction and inches lost. Participants will also be weighed, measured, and have their body fat taken before the program begins and at the end of the program.

Once you have completed this program you may participate in more Transformation based training or continue on into our regular Fitness Classes. This allows an individual who has little experience with exercise to slowly work up to feel comfortable in the Evolve Performance Fitness training. Participants are also permitted to take advantage of any class Evolve offers during the program, including Cardio Kickboxing and Boxing Fitness.

The Transformation Program is very affordable and we have had individuals lose as much as 40lbs and 6 inches off their waist in as little as 8 weeks. The results speak for themselves!