Fitness Training

_EX17844 (1)                  _EX27112Evolve first and foremost is a professional Adult and Youth Fitness Facility.  With participants between 9 and 70 years old, we offer training programs for all fitness levels.

No matter what your goal, whether it be losing fat and inches, building muscle and strength, or preparing for an upcoming athletic competition, Evolve has the program for you!

We offer over 50 training times per week with classes ranging from Boot Camps, TRX, Kettlebell Sprints and Weight Loss programs.  Our professional staff is dedicated to making sure you are reaching your goals and are here to motivate you!

Our training system is incredibly effective, low impact and high intensity.  No matter if you are a beginner just starting a lifestyle change or a highly fit individual, Evolve will challenge you to achieve a high level of fitness.  Our fundamental approach combining functional strength training, core stability, high intensity conditioning and flexibility has been proven to be a highly effective alternative to the boredom of training on your own in the gym.  Our coaching staff will guide you through your training starting with a dynamic warm up, stretching, workout routines and proper cool down so your only responsibility is to SHOW UP!

Evolve has been in the business of fitness for over 15 years and our results speak for themselves.  Our diverse training program guarantees your success and our motivating environment combined with professional guidance will ensure you lose the weight, gain the strength, and become the person you want to be!

Come in and try out our program for a WEEK FREE with no obligation and learn first hand what makes Evolve the best training facility in the area!