I have been training in the martial arts for many years and Evolve is hands down the best facility I have ever been to. The instructors are all legit and the environment is professional, disciplined but they make it fun. Great bunch of guys and gals to train with too. I have just added the strength training program to my BJJ and I already am seeing a huge benefit. Never felt better!

SteveMMA Fanatic

I started going to the kickboxing for fitness class , having done many classes at other gyms , THIS is no comparison! It is absolutley fantastic, In the 2 months taking the class with Ryan, I have noticed muscles i never knew i had , more confidence, and push myself to new levels and now want to to the other classes they offer. Great place, and Ryan is a great coach! I simply cant say enough.

ChristineKickboxing Fanatic

My experience at Evolve was absolutely outstanding, not only are they surrounded by a top notch facility and have great trainers in all disciplines, but the entire atmosphere is perfect for the martial arts, everyone there is hardworking, talented, and you can tell that they love what they do through their actions toward eachother, ive never seen such comradeship as the Evolve fight team and i cannot wait to go back!

Trevor Wentzel

I cannot say enough about the coaching and professional benefits I am receiving . 6 weeks in and 15 pounds of fat gone . Every day im getting stronger and healthier . I love everyone there they are a huge part of my life and making the decision to train at evolve 5 times a week is and will continue to be life changing . I believe its all about putting the right HONEST people in your life and having their support to keep pushing you forward ! thanks for having me guys.

Mike Quarcini "Slim"

It will be hard for me to make this testimonial brief so I will hit you with the basics: I started working out at Evolve at the end of January, I was 455 pounds I am now hovering around 350. I cant describe the all around experience that the team that John Cook has put together on the MMA side of the gym as well as the performance fitness side, it is just amazing. There are very few gyms, really anywhere, that can offer you all around quality like Evolve can. If you want to be in shape you need to be around people who are in shape, if you want to be a champion you need to be around champions, Evolve has both. The fact that the schedules here for MMA and fitness classes are so flexible it makes it possible for me to get workouts in when I need them, which is a rarity for those who have a busy schedule. This has been the most amazing gym experience ever for me. I still have a long way to go, but get ready for fireworks…

Willie Cook