1. What kind of Fitness Training does Evolve focus on?

    The Evolve program has developed over many years of working with a wide variety of clients.  What we found is that no matter who you are, peoples fitness goals are basically the same.  Lose Fat, Get stronger, Improve Cardiovascular conditioning, reduce chances of injury, feel better.

    Our trainining is very fundamental and functional so all people can benefit.  The training varies from session to session so you are never getting bored or adapting to your workouts.  We use a lot of body weight exercises, core training, kettle bells, stability balls, sand bags, and basically anything that will get you in REAL SHAPE!

    So many people waste their time training with machines or spending hours on cardio equipment that they miss out on the awesome Challenge of doing things they never thought they could do.  This is what makes Evolve great.

  2. Is Evolve just for athletes?

    At Evolve we believe EVERYONE is an athlete!

    Our training focuses on developing all aspects of Fitness, including agility, balance, functional strength and coordination.  These are things that many programs miss.  Our competitve athletes get great benefit out of this type of training, but so do our non competitve members.  Everyday activities, that can be difficult for the untrained individual, are easy for the Evolve member.  As we get older it is important to continue to work on these things to not only allow us to do more challenging things but to avoid developing nagging and dibilitating injuries.  Our clients range in age from 5 years old to 70 years old, and even though we are know as an elite level training center, the majority of our members are non competitve adults over 35 years old!

  3. How do your classes work?

    Evolve has the best trainers and coaches in the business and their only priority is to make sure our clients are getting what they want out of training and reaching their goals.  We have 5 coaches on site at all time to make sure individuals are using proper form and training at the proper intensity.  They are there to motivate you to do things you can do but normally would not!

    Evolve has thousands of exercises of all types that focus on different aspects of fitness.  We take these exercises and organize them in hundreds of varied workouts, each designed to accomplish something a little different.  By doing this, the client stays interested, continues to improve and avoids adaptation.  We combine the best of all types of training so that you are guaranteed to not only reach your goals, but have fun while you are doing it.

  4. How many classes do you offer?

    Unlike most facilities that focus on functional training, we offer over 80 training options per week!  Classes start at 6am and go into the evening with classes during lunch hour too!  Our competitors may offer a class or two in the morning and evening a few days a week, but at Evolve we know how crazy your schedule is so we have made it our goal to make sure there is no excuse not to get in here!  We also offer morning classes on the weekends and multiple classes for beginners, athletes and martial artists during our busy evening hours.

  5. How Much Does It Cost?

    Evolve offers many different options and we have specials running all the time.  We always suggest contacting us so we can get you with a Team member to check out the facility, participate in some classes and make sure Evolve is right for you.  Once you have tried some classes we can go over all your options.  Evolve is extremely affordable for what we offer and memberships are much less than our competition.


Martial Arts

  1. I am interested in MMA but I do not want to fight in the CAGE!

    Even though Evolve MMA is widely recognized as one of the top fight camps in the Midwest, the vast majority of members in the Martial Arts Academy are what we call, “Recreational.” We are first and foremost a Martial Arts School.

  2. I have never trained in Martial Arts, is Evolve the place to start?

    Evolve offers many classes that focus on the fundamentals and introductory aspects of Kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Boxing and Grappling. Our coaching staff is trained to develop new members at the proper pace so that they may advance from Beginner to Intermediate to Advanced training at the proper time with the proper skill set in place.

  3. What age should my child start in the Martial Art Program?

    We find that the best age to start for children in the Martial Arts program is between 5 and 6 years old.  As soon as a child can pay attention for the duration of the class, we encourage them to get involved.  Just like mostly everything else, the earlier they start the better!

  4. What is Brazilian Jiu JItsu?

    BJJ is one of the fastest growing and practical and effective Martial Arts in the world.  Many traditional Martial Arts focus on punching and kicking and are devoid of any takedowns or ground submissions.  For self defense, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is extremely effective and has proven time and time again to be superior for defending ones self than other Martial Arts due to its focus on grappling, control and submissions.  As a recreational activity or for a competitive sport, BJJ is excellent for those that want to get in great shape and continue to compete into their later years.

    For children, BJJ is truly a “Bully Proof” system allowing for a smaller child to defend themselves effectively against a much larger attacker.  Because of this, BJJ is incredibly effective for women who wish to defend themselves in the event of an assault.

  5. How does your program compare to other Martial Arts Programs out there?

    Evolve Martial Arts program focuses on practical and efficient methods of self defense, including Thai Boxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Judo, Wrestling and MMA. Many “Traditional” Martial Arts Academies revolve around ineffective methods of self defense that are not practical in the real world.  Too many places now are more interested in teaching forms, breaking boards, and making money promoting students, often whether they are ready or not in order to collect the fee associated with giving away another belt.  This not only builds a false sense of security with an individual that may need to defend himself in a real life situation.  Evolve’s development program brings the best of striking, grappling, control and submissions together so a student is given the tools necessary to confidently handle themselves in the event of an attack.  Achieving a Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, for instance, takes at least 10-12 years with consistent training, whereas a black belt in Tae Kwon Do can be had in 2.

    Our method allows you to actually practice at a high level.  This results in the student being able to transfer that situational training into a real life situation.  Many arts that focus on eye gouging and strikes to the throat become ineffective in real life because you cannot train that properly without going through a LOT OF TRAINING PARTNERS!