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Evolve has been in the Performance-Fitness and Martial Arts business for over 20 years.  Founded in 1996, Evolve has become one of the most widely recognized and respected Training Facilities in the Midwest.  Dedicated to providing a high level of training to both athletes and individuals wanting something more out of their workouts, Evolve’s passion has always been to create an environment where anyone can realize their goals no matter what they are.

At Evolve, understand that life and sport are filled with challenges.  The fitter and more prepared you are, the greater challenges you can face and overcome.  The harder you train, the easier competition becomes.  That competition can be in sport or in life in general.  Our training is a positive addiction.  Attaining a high level of fitness makes you feel healthy and empowered.


Most people, even those with so-called “trainers,” are exercising on the same machines day after day doing the same thing and spending hour after hour on an elliptical or treadmill.  Not only is this not an effective way to become fit, it is boring!  At Evolve, we create an environment that is motivating and our training programs are designed to do one thing, make you as fit as you can be.  Our coaches are not only top performance and fitness professionals, they are current or former high level athletes.  We believe it is a huge benefit to be coached by someone that has experienced the training necessary to achieve a high level of fitness.

Evolve Training is functional and focused on results.  We train differently everyday, making the time you spend working out more efficient and enjoyable.  Our coaches create a positive, energetic and motivating environment, which allows you to accomplish more and push through the thresholds that you would not normally push through training on your own.  Evolve is also committed to making sure our training is accessible to everyone by making it affordable and convenient.  Many of our competitors not only charge a ridiculous fee, their schedules are limited, making it difficult to train often enough and consistently enough to reach your goals.  Evolve offers a wide variety of membership options to suit any budget and our schedule offers classes in the early morning, afternoon, and evening.

One of the best things about Evolve is that the entire family can train at the same time under one roof!  Mom can do a boot camp while Dad trains Kickboxing, your Teen trains Sports Performance, and the little ones do Youth Martial Arts.  No more sitting around watching and waiting!

There are few places like Evolve.  Here you can get in the best shape of your life, take your game to the next level, learn many effective types of Martial Arts or compete in MMA, Boxing, Kickboxing and Grappling.  With over 85 classes a week and 20,000 square feet of training space, Evolve is one of the largest and most complete facilities of its kind in the country.

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